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sorry everyone just getting last-minute jitters off my chest

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demonicmuffin sent:

you're like a superhero or a spy or a movie star, this is your mission. You are so good at learning things this is going to be a goddamn breeze. If a mistake happens it's literally because you either meant to do it to hide your spy/superhero abilities or because you thought it wouldn't be cool if you immediately understood how to work the car -- 007 gets his thrills out of challenges after all.

idk if you know how much this helps or how calming this is but i appreciate this message so so much and just UGH THANK YOU <333 i-i’m having a bit of a panic over thinking about all this and this is just such a good message ugh <33

also eldebo i just realized i haven’t followed you?? THIS HAS BEEN REMEDIED gosh i thought i followed you ages ago!!

demonicmuffin sent:

I have yet to get my licence! You should get it first so you can be my wise teacher about this shit lol. We can do it!

yes!!! I-I CAN DO THAT, I’LL DO THAT, I-IT’S A GOOD MOTIVATOR! i’m saving this here in my tags <333 I still get really sick thinking about this weekend but I’m going to trust that everything will go really well ;w;



my dad is taking me out driving this weekend and i’m a nervous wreck but also sorta pumped because I KNOW i need my license

i’ve driven before but it’s a really hard thing for me to do…i just really hate to be in charge of something so big and deathtrap-y and murder-y

so those of you with licenses:

how do? how’d you get over your nervousness, if you were ever nervous? do you have any tips for me?

i know exactly the feeling cuz i postponed getting my license until i was almost 21

my best advice is really just to practice. it gets easier every time, trust me. but by practicing, i mean only do what you feel capable of doing. if you need to stay on small residential streets and in empty parking lots for 6 months, its totally okay bc its better that you get comfortable doing that, than try a freeway your first week.

in regards to it being a big murderous death trap, I KNOW!!! i keep saying id rather drive a motorcycle, bc even though im more likely to get hurt on it, i feel like id have more control cuz its SMALLER and i only have to worry about an object that takes up like a QUARTER the space of a big-ass car. i cant really give you any advice to calm your nerves on that one, except maybe that a big car, if you get into a crash, will do more to protect you as opposed to a motorcycle or smth

and my last piece of advice is something im still learning, which is to mentally prepare. not even like getting yourself pumped uup for it, but just know that youre going to be driving. make sure youre awake and alert and expect to get in a car, and itll be a little easier. and again, only do what youre comfortable with

good luck ilu!!

I AM VERY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS REBLOG i don’t even know if i have a proper response here just

thank you so much axis, this is amazing and i’m so so so grateful you took the time to give me all this advice ;w;

i just turned 23 so i’m really feeling the pressure to get my license from a bunch of people, and i know this is something that HAS TO HAPPEN, IS HAPPENING, I CANNOT DELAY IT ANYMORE. so really just, ugh <333


heisenbrig answered your post: “my dad is taking me out driving this weekend and i’m a nervous wreck…”:
oh my gosh i thought i was the only one like this! like i’m ok with driving sometimes but other times im terrified like i can’t even

you aren’t the only one at all!! I know at least one of my friends also has a lot of driving anxiety…ugh it’s just so scary for me haha. TERROR-DRIVERS UNITE

eldebo sent:

my bit o' advice for driving is get a feel for the pedals and the steering.. if y'all can find an empty parking lot somewhere, that's awesome, cause then you can just get a feel for how sensitive the pedals are. Like, how much or little to step on the gas to get going smoothly. I think the worst thing for me was not knowing how much to press on the brake pedal. The more practice you get, the more you get the feel for just eeeeaasing to a stop without slamming too hard. Best of luck to you ^_^ !

I’m sorry I’m only just now getting to this! Thank you so so so much, really just talking to everyone and getting everyone’s input has been so ridiculously helpful to me. <333 The brake is definitely a challenge and I’m going to have to take that slowly! And changing lanes, and any form of parking, and backing out…I’ll definitely just go around my block for awhile to re-get used to it! I’ve driven before, it’s just, uh…s-so nerve-wracking for me. Again, thank you! You always give me such great advice. ;w;


I believe I can soar
you see me runnin’ through that open do-o-ooor

taking a break from sad Stuckys to celebrate Sam Wilson \o/


The chemistry between them is perfect.